What a Free Horse Really Costs

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What a "Free" Horse Really Costs offers a comprehensive, yet concise, easy-to-read guide to all aspects of acquiring and caring for a horse. Prospective first-time horse owners, as well as people who have owned horses before, but might want to learn more, will find invaluable advice and assistance in these pages. The book is written with the view that safety-for both owner and horse-is the highest priority in horse ownership. Experienced horse owners and professionals who have read advance copies of the book declare it should be required reading for anyone considering buying a horse. Written by Diane Moller, professional horse trainer, riding teacher and life-long horse lover, the book has a twofold aim: (1) to help horse owners make the choices that will assure their greatest satisfaction and safety in owning a horse and (2) to help horses receive the understanding and responsible treatment they deserve. Chapters in the book conduct the reader through first steps in choosing the right horse, through properly housing, feeding and caring for the animal, selection of appropriate riding equipment, choice of training, to eventual considerations such as means of transport for the horse. Technical terms from the horse world are defined, and the writing is clear and accessible, even for young readers. Photos and illustrative stories from Moller's experience add interest and zest to the text. Three handy appendices provide a detailed "shopping list" and prices for all major and minor expenses of horse ownership, a list of questions to ask and issues to consider when considering purchasing a horse, and a list of recommended resources for horse products and services. What a "Free" Horse Really Costs offers guidance that any prospective horse owner, no matter what age, will find very educational and well worth the small investment. Five percent of the profit from the sales of the book will be donated to "Habitat for Horses" rescue organization. 

By Diane Moller

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